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My favorite memory of Brown is: ____

Brown 250+ & Me

3 easy steps to be included in Brown's first-ever crowdsourced video:

  • Turn on your smartphone or webcam
  • Describe your favorite memory of Brown University
  • Upload to #Brown250 or email to

What To Do

Record a 10-20 second video using a smartphone, computer's built in camera or video camera, forward to Brown and we’ll do our best to include it in Brown’s first crowdsourced video compilation project, Brown 250+ & Me.

How To Stage

  • Landscape or portrait — either is fine.
  • Consider framing the shot like a passport photo (head and shoulders).
  • Be creative, wear some Brown University swag or something meaningful to your time at Brown — your band buttons, favorite textbook, team jersey, etc.
  • Bring something personal, humorous or meaningful into the mix — dance, sing, play the trumpet.
  • Background noise is ok, unless you’re trying to say something — make sure we can hear you.
  • Same with shakiness — a little is ok, a lot not so much.
  • Solo or group shot — it’s your choice and we welcome all.

Have fun — we are celebrating 250 years after all!

What To Say

Some message ideas to get you thinking:

1. Memories and Experiences:

  • Everyone should include their name, class year and location. “Hi. My name is Danielle Lanois, class of 1997. Tokyo, Japan” (try to show Tokyo in background)
  • Three words that sum up Brown.
  • What is your unique Brown story?
  • My best Brown memory is...
  • My favorite building/place/faculty member.
  • Loving, remembering, sharing, laughing, longing to be back.

2. Regardless of where we are, we are Brown:

  • Sport some swag and show your surroundings (mountain in background, ocean, cityscape, etc.).  
  • How do you keep in touch with the "spirit" of Brown (alumni activities, friends, checking the homepage or Facebook, how does Brown continue to be a presence in your life)?
  • Languages in addition to English are welcomed — and encouraged! Brown is a global University and we want the project reflecting that. If your piece is in a language other than English, please identify the language and include a translation with your submission.

3. Happy Birthday Brown

  • We're sure you can come up with your own unique, crazy, creative version. “Wow, 250 years, I can't believe it!”

The Fine Print

Please note that by submitting your video content, you are accepting that we may be using it in a 250 compilation video and other digital media channels that will be shown through various outlets in conjunction with Brown’s 250th Anniversary and beyond. Final content will be publicly shared.


Email us at with questions.