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View the roster of 250 grants that were awarded (PDF)

Proposals & Events Overview

In the Spring of 2013, the 250th Steering Committee opened the first round of a grant fund and solicited a broad spectrum of proposals for large and small scale academic forums, events, performances and exhibitions, physical or virtual, from departments, centers, programs, student groups, alumni communities and staff to celebrate Brown’s past and its history, and showcase its present and future contributions to the production of knowledge. We welcomed proposals that represented a broad spectrum of ideas and ranged in orientation from academic to pure enjoyment.  The second round was opened in the Spring of 2014.

Grant Categories:

1. Grants for Academic Programs & Events


  • Highlighted Brown’s intellectual mission and impact locally, nationally and globally
  • Identified at least one Brown faculty member, dean or director in charge of overseeing the proposed program
  • Potentially represented more than a single department, institute or center
  • Potentially engaged a range of stakeholders both as participants and audience

Award size up to $25,000, although larger scale proposals will be considered.


2. Grants for Brown University Constituency Engagement (students, staff, faculty, alumni)


  • Engaged one or a range of stakeholders as participants and audience
  • Included at least one point of contact closely affiliated with Brown (a member of the faculty, staff, student or alumni community)
  • Potentially represented a single department, institute, center, student organization, alumni group, etc.

Award size up to $10,000.


    3. Grants for Providence & Rhode Island Community Engagement and Brown’s 250th

    Providence and Rhode Island community organizations (arts, youth leadership, cultural organizations, etc.) were invited to put forward proposals for programming that was complimentary to both the organization and the University.