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Author of A Short History of Brown, Janet M. Phillips ’70 pointed out that “Through nearly three centuries, Brown University has taken the path less traveled.”

From its beginnings as a fledgling college in a colony defined by the “Independent Man,” the University’s faculty, students and alumni have prided themselves on resisting labels and defying conventions. A culture of cooperation tempers the natural competition engendered in an academic setting. Students, faculty and alumni have successfully founded a multitude of innovative companies. This entrepreneurial spirit so infuses the campus that Fast Company magazine dubbed Brown “Startup U.”

As an institution, Brown is known for marching to the beat of its own drummer. There is no typical Brown student. Due in no small part to these qualities, Brown’s popularity has reached epic proportions. Brown is the “hip” Ivy; the “happy” Ivy; the “creative” Ivy; the “unexpected” Ivy. The campus is said to radiate exuberance, positive energy and joy. Indeed, it is a strong community of individuals.

From 1968 to Now

This historical account of the Brown Center for Students of Color's (formerly the Third World Center) evolution is taken from “2003 Planning for the Third World Center at Brown University Report,” authored by Karen...

Granoff Center

Building the Dream

In 1969, a Committee on the Arts, comprised of faculty from the arts and sciences, met to explore the role of the arts on campus. Committee members believed strongly that students should be exposed to a robust creative...