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Research and teaching are the core of any academic enterprise. They drive learning at every level. The Brown approach to research combines an unprecedented degree of multidisciplinary, integrative scholarship; porous boundaries between departments; a world-class medical school; a highly innovative engineering school; and a deepening partnership with RISD, the nation’s top art and design college, to name a few, to create a unique academic culture. As a result, Brown faculty and students continue to make significant discoveries in a broad range of disciplines, covering the arts and sciences, many with practical applications.

Centers devoted to research and scholarship abound at Brown, in the physical sciences and life sciences, the social sciences and humanities, providing myriad opportunities for today’s undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students to lead and participate in individual and team research.

These opportunities have led to Brown’s contributions in brain science and rocket science, in biomedical engineering and computational molecular biology, in public health and population health, in physics and archaeological discovery, in the visual, performing and literary arts and much more.

The Lost Museum

While the Jenks Museum, founded as Brown’s Museum of Natural History and Anthropology in 1871, may be relegated to history, the questions raised by its curious story are as relevant today as they were in 1894. What do we...